Dust and coffee 
We have a different calf. Angel is back with a foster cow. Our current one is named Michael. If we have another bull calf we might call it Gabriel.

It's hot and dry. Further south the grass is completely yellow; it was like driving through Botswana. Fortunately we had a lot of rain when we were camping, but if we don't get more soon it could be just as dire here.

My car overheated on the way to Parachute, but after refilling the radiator it appears to be back to normal. I suspect it was simply overloaded in the heat. I drove all the way home with the windows open, the heating on and the fan at full blast. It did the trick, but now the fan doesn't work at the top setting!

Parachute was dusty. We spent a lot of time wiping the dust off the cafe, and I developed the habit of tapping the paper plates on the counter before putting cake on them. But otherwise everything went smoothly. I was staying with friends again, and due to the houseful they already had, we had to implement a bed swapping rota. I slept in the day, someone else at night.

As predicted, the last night was busy up until about 5am, and there were plenty of people around after that. The hot dog stall opened at 6am and started playing music, which resulted in an impromptu disco in the street. Don't think he sold any more hot dogs though.

I'm still recovering from the night shift, and it was hard work, but the sheer atmosphere makes it all worth while. The police said there were so few incidents that they spent most of the time wandering around recruiting for the police force. There was a strict no alcohol or drugs policy, and it makes all the difference. Plus a sizeable majority of Christians, of course.


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