Marching orders 
Spent three hours practicing marching with the band. We've got to do 500 metres of marching for the national contest, and there are several drills that need to be included. We've got a left turn and a right turn, involving each rank and file turning at one second intervals and somehow lining up again round the corner. It took me a while to get the timing right, but I think I'm just about there. We then had three hours playing indoors. We finished early - everyone was shattered!

4 chairs ready to do up. Need just one or two more, so I'm not bidding on every single auction now.

More trials at work. They look set to announce redundancies at the end of the week, and there could be up to two, which is a big impact on a team of seven. On top of this, we're trying to move over a thousand websites onto some of our own servers, following a long running dispute with the company that "looks after" the current server. And the Ministry of Education project is still not off the ground due to a number of disagreements with the spec, and the sheer amount of detail they want from us about our design. At least this time we will have thrashed out all the details before we start, if we ever do!


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