Time for a barby. 
A quiet week, but I suspect a few customers will return on Monday and we'll have a blast of phone calls. Or maybe the next Monday. But we'll be on holiday then. We'll be off for the week camping in a spot about 30 miles north of here. With no laptop.

It's been too quiet for Rachael. She's running out of things to do, and getting bored. Fortunately the holiday programmes start soon. We've got the idea of getting the water slide going down the hill again. We'll need some more sand to line it, although there's still a lot available both from the original load and also where it colected at the bottom. The main problem is digging the chute. 50 metres long, and the cows have been on it all year. There's very little left!

If you're reading this, feel free to post a comment. It would be interesting to know how many actually read this!

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31st December 
Had a quiet Christmas with the family. Don't think much is planned for New Years, so we'll probably sleep through it. The girls are both worn out (and hence even more active than usual).

Potted up some more trees. Bronwyn's parents' garden seems to attract seedlings from the trees just above the house. I initially went to collect about 20, and found more, so I brought in more pots, and found even more. I must have nearly 100, but most are tiny seedlings. We'll see how they grow.

Got a 4x4x4 rubiks cube for Christmas, a telescope, and a camera / memory stick. Managed to solve the cube after memorising the instructions, haven't managed to see any stars due to the humidity and the clouds, and taken quite a few photos. I've also borrowed the bass guitar from church, intending to give it a try. So I've got plenty to play with. So has Bronwyn. She bought herself a racing car track, which we spent hours assembling, and hours playing. You have to be careful not to go too fast, otherwise the cars go into orbit.

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