Not an easy day. 
We lost a lamb today. Bronwyn found it lying down in a swamp a week ago, and brought it in. It looked like it wouldn't make it, but after a couple of days under the heat lamp it was up and about. Yesterday it spent quite a long time eating out in the garden. But today it couldn't stand up, and spent all day lying on the grass, rasping and wheezing. It just didn't have the strength to fight off the infection, and Allan quietly put it down. Sometimes things just don't work out the way you want them to.

And I've just had news that my Grandad's died. At 107, he was the ninth oldest man in Britain. It's also the same day several years ago that my dad died. Bronwyn's sent some flowers to mum.

Erica's spent her first week in the language school, and everything's going well so far. She's applied for a student visa (she's still here on the Working Holiday visa from last year). And she's also helping her boyfriend get a visa for when he comes to visit in October. Maybe she should go into business as an immigration agent.

I've been getting up really early this week. I take Erica to her bus for 7:15am, then back to help sort out Sarah and get Rachael for 7:40, then back again to see Sarah down the drive to her bus at 7:50. On Friday, Bronwyn did a day at one of her old childcare centres, so she went off as well, leaving me all alone after a short burst of chaos. Next week, I'm down to half time at the old job, and starting up the new one in the afternoons. Should be interesting...

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