Rachael is doing a science badge. She's been keeping an ant farm for seversal weeks now. Not a lot of activity - I suggested we capture a queen so she can start a family. The ant farm is designed for US ants, and the UK sized ones we get here are able to crawl out of the ventilation holes. But they seem to go back in again afterwards. Meanwhile, someone gave us a flounder which we baked, took to pieces, boiled and then half burnt trying to get the skeleton out. Not easy. Then she's been researching snails. Apparently they have love darts. Sounds gross...

Nick and Esther arrive tomorrow. We've got an action packed two weeks including Rotorua, Ruakaka and half of the Auckland region. And the rest.

Did my solo today at the concert in the park. I'm told it went down well - nobody seemed to notice when I ran out of puff and missed the high notes!


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