Not feeling too good. 
Coralie was a bit unwell when she left us. Then Sarah had it, and then Rachael.

Bronwyn had a bit of a cough last Tuesday. It still wasn't right on Saturday, after two trips to the doctor, so I took her into hospital for a checkup. She had to stay there for three days until they let her go home. She had blood tests, chest xray, steroids, antibiotics, and this mask thing that gave her large quantities of ventolin. She's back home now, but very tired.

Meanwhile, I was supposed to be playing trombone at the Kumeu show on Sunday, and going to Wellington on Tuesday for work. I was stressing out quite a bit, but fortunately the weather was rather wet, so Bronwyn's dad had no haymaking on, and looked after the girls for me both days.

Tuesday was a long day. I was out of the house at 5am, and didn't get back until 6pm. Quick dinner courtesy of Bronwyn's dad, then out again for a meeting. Didn't get back until 10pm. Not feeling too good today, so I'm going to take it easy...


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