Terror of the lamb 
After Bronwyn and the girls left, Princess spent a couple of days at Claire's house. Now lambs have a bunting reflex; they head butt their mothers in the groin to stimulate the milk flow. Larry the Lamb gave Princess quite a pounding apparently, and she's spent the rest of the time over here.

The house is almost completely tidy. The lawn is mowed. I'm running out of things to do! I'm sure the girls will keep me occupied when they return however. They arrive home at 11:25pm tomorrow...

My big toe has been hurting lately. I showed it to Dave at work, who said immediately "That's Gout!". Gout is diet related, so I spent the day drinking water and missing coffee. However Doctor Kathy reckons it's just a ganglion cyst - a bubble of fluid from a ligament strain. She said she would thump it with a large bible for me, but it might scare the other patients. It should go down eventually.

Made a first attempt at baking bread last week. I think I didn't use enough yeast, because it came out quite small and heavy. But it still tasted good, so I'll try again at some point.

11 flaxes, four swamp cypresses, two birches a Kanuka and a Pin Oak. Ross has been planting a few himself too. The swamp is suddenly looking a lot less barren...


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