This could be it 
Martin and Bina arrived last week. Bina has found a short term job, and meanwhile Martin has done a lot of work tidying the house. Indeed, I actually got as far as cleaning the windows yesterday. It's amazing how much dirt came off the front window. I do apologise to the family of spiders that have called that window home for countless generations. Still quite a few windows to go, but at least we can see out of the ones I've done.

M&B are off to the Coromandel this weekend. They've spent a few weeks touring the south island, and are now doing the north island. I believe they'll find a pub somewhere to watch the rugby final. I'm guessing the Coromandel will be quiet tonight, since most Aucklanders will be glued to a TV somewhere!

I did like that final try by the Welsh. I bet they're pleased with that, even if they didn't win. It's going to be mayhem if the All Blacks win tonight.

It's quite warm now. Took the girls out to the beach (well, a tidal stream) and it was suprisingly warm. We had a lot of rain last week, so the farm is looking very green. Bronwyn's been out on the mower. To be honest, I'd be happy with a jungle or a carefully tethered goat. But we're slowly filling the garden with trees, so we'll get there eventually!


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