Midnight oil 
Time ceased to have meaning this week. I spent most of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the office; we were trying to finish the latest software ready for next week. We had a chart on the wall of all the bugs, and coloured stars so we could mark which ones we'd done. Got to bed at 12:40am on Wednesday. Or is that Thursday? I'd lost track.

But at least I have a car again. It starts first time, and it's got a warrant. It's great to sit in the car and just turn the key again. The mechanic made me promise to give it a good wash and treat it well, now that it has a new engine in it. Bronwyn's car has come back from the panel beaters but it still needs the seatbelt, cam belt and steering done. Although the steering is now working again, so we might leave that for now.

Sarah has been asking if I've gone on holiday this week; she hasn't seen a lot of me. So we all went to the museum yesterday. Rachael and Sarah spent ages in the kid's section, examining bones and beetles and all sorts of things. We also went in the volcano exhibit, where they had a mock house set up that had a television and a big window, showing you what it might be like if a volcano erupted under Auckland. Rather scary, but at least there's no hot spots under the farm. Well, not last time they checked, anyway.

The band has a contest coming up, so we're going to have two extra rehearsals and a trombone sectional coming up. The contest is on the same weekend that they're blocking the southern motorway for roadworks. It's going to be chaos. There's an alternative route, but it's going to be just about the only route through Auckland, so it could be interesting.

Kiwi make-it-last-longer no. 103:
The chemical shed. It's at the back of what used to be the tractor shed, which is still standing, mostly. The chemical shed appears to have been tacked on at the back, badly. The doorway has completely fallen out, as has part of the wall. Arthur the sheep is using it as a hideaway, so I arranged the door as a ramp to allow him to hobble in and out.


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