Down on the farm 
Bronwyn is off to Singapore for the week. My car is currently at the mechanics with a bad case of non-starting. I'm not feeling too good either.

I've hardly been able to start the car all week, and on Thursday I persuaded my father in law to tow it up over the hill to the mechanics. It's a bit nerve wracking to be towed by a five ton tractor with a fork lift sticking out the back. Managed to bump start the car on the way, but it's going to stay there until Monday at least so he can have a look at it, and then do the warrant of fitness on Monday. It's a company car now, so we're discussing with work as to whether it's cheaper to fix or buy a new one, depending on the tax implications.

At least Bronwyn's car is still moving, although that one will be away too on Monday and Tuesday for a new seatbelt and some make-it-work juice in the power steering.

Went to the doctors on Friday. Had swabs and a blood test, and two weeks of antibiotics. Feeling a bit better today, but still rather weak and tired. I feel like a war zone!

Bronwyn's left me plenty of food to do meals this week. Cheese burgers tonight, and some remaining Bolognese on Monday. Then I'll have to plan the rest of the week. I'll cope, but we could have some odd combinations.

She's going to be catching up with friends during the week, and then going out to one off the nearby islands to near where her friend's ashes were scattered, to add some flowers. I made some of my chocolate fudge last night to take with her. Hope there's some left by the time she arrives.

Arthur the sheep has found a spot in an old shed round the back. He's now officially back in the paddock, but tries to hobble back in if at all possible. The calf is now over with Claire, whose son has just hidden the feeding bottle somewhere in the house, or the cavernous garage, or the drive, or somewhere nearby. Claire found a poor weak little lamb this morning. It was unable to stand, so she took it inside. As far as we can tell, it was unable to stand because it had only just been born, and my father in law put it straight back with the sheep again! Claire's goats are also back at her house again, after following the sheep for a week. I'm glad; they can reach higher than a cow, eat everything, and they're not afraid of humans!

Kiwi make-it-last-longer example 101:
The gate from our garden to the front paddock. Its hinges failed long ago, and it was held up by faith and a length of mains cable. A few years ago, one of Bronwyn's brothers broke the post accidentally with a large digger, and it's currently held on by a couple of splinters. Just recently, Bronwyn's dad added the cross beam, and nailed it to the remains of the post to keep the gate shut. (Bronwyn's dad believes in his Gate Angels, who stand guard at open (and broken) gates and persuade the cows that there's really an impenetrable barrier there...)


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